We are an environmental conservation organization engaged in the design, development and marketing of planet protection plans, products and projects.

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Calculate the carbon footprint produced by you, your family or your business using our statistically engineered carbon calculator. Our formulas deliver accurate results to the tenth decimal place and provide you with in-depth data on your areas of carbon output, including diet, utilities, recreation, transportation, telecommunication and more.

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Plant trees and support united nations projects anytime, anywhere. Directly neutralize your carbon footprint personally, professionally, residentially, industrially, daily, monthly and yearly by purchasing our plans and products backed by verified carbon credits. With your support, we aspire to become a world-class, world-changing, world organization.

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You, your family, and your business can securely invest and impact the planet utilizing Net Zero Organization plans, products, modern technology, and data resources. Anyone, anytime, anywhere can stay up to date on our collective impact via our members' forum and statistics page. NZO and you, protecting the world of today, saving the world of tomorrow.

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